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Our Company

Win Candle Enterprise was established in 2002 and is headquartered in Perak, Malaysia. Specializing in the development, production, and distribution of high-quality religious materials for offerings, our company has grown under the unwavering belief and diligent management of its founder, from a small-scale manufacturing plant to a nearly hundred-strong workforce.

The primary focus of Win Candle Enterprise revolves around the development and production of high-quality lotus flower candles and large incense sticks for religious purposes. Since its inception, the company's entire workforce has upheld the mission of "products as treasures, quality as life," diligently crafting with integrity, further elevating the company's standards and continuity. Win Candle Enterprise has established long-term and favourable partnerships with industry peers, allowing consumers to discuss special product customization or processing with the company, offering convenience to all respected individuals and contributing to mutual blessings.

Operating under the principle of "integrity and quality assurance," our company strives to produce more exquisite products for our vast clientele, aiming to be a company of exceptional quality and dedicated to achieving sophistication. Win Candle Enterprise continually engages in research and development to create distinctive products. Furthermore, embracing the changing times and striving for technical excellence, the company combines modern machinery to serve and contribute to the broader market. We export our products to Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Hong Kong.